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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - Aug. 24
Previous weight - 198.8
Current weight - 198.6
Difference - lost .2 lbs.

Total weight lost - 46.4 pounds

Yea for Zumba last night and helping me squeeze out a loss this week!!!

One of the great things about keeping a blog is that I can go back and read my past successes and draw inspiration from them.

I recently was looking at posts I wrote in the fall of 2010. That was the last time I had a significant losing streak. One thing stood out to me - I was killing it exercise wise. I was going five times a week.

I pulled out my workout yearly calendar today to update it and it is just pathetic.

Only three workouts each in June, July and August! That has to change now.

I told the kids last night that they will have to start going to the Y's child watch with me when I want to work out and their dad isn't home. I was all nervous about telling them. I had been using this as a huge excuse to not work out. I didn't want them to HAVE to go to child watch.

When I told them last night they looked at me and pretty much shrugged their shoulders. They couldn't care less.

The things in my head that mess me up, I tell you ...

So that's what I'm going to really focus on right now. Exercise has been such a critical part of my past successes. There's a cycle to it. When I go, I feel good; When I go, I don't want to undo the work by eating like crap; when I go, I see results and then I want to keep going.

I haven't been to a Saturday class in ... let me consult my calendar ... May and that was for a fundraiser. The only other Saturday class I've been to this year was in March. Okay, that's just ridiculous. I am disappointed in myself for letting my passion for exercise fizzle out.

Tomorrow I'm going to class. I'm really excited for it - it's a new (well new to me, she's been teaching a few months) instructor that teaches hip hop and she has been getting rave reviews. I can't wait. And I won't use any excuses to get out of it.
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