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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - Aug. 17
Previous weight - 199.2
Current weight - 198.8
Difference - lost .4 lbs.

Total weight lost - 46.2 pounds

I was talking to my friend Stacey yesterday, catching up on how we were doing on our weight loss goals. I was surprised at the confidence that was coming out of my mouth and how far I've come in three short weeks.

I talked about how hard that first week was. I was SO hungry all the time and I went to bed early that whole week just so I wouldn't have to be tempted with food. Now everything has evened out. I'm full quicker and I'm not as hungry as before.

I've gotten more comfortable with food. I know what my staple snacks are that satisfy me while I'm at work. I know what I need to eat to take care of my sweet tooth. I'm not worried about going out to eat. It's all coming together.

This was a tough week non-diet wise. The first week back at school. Going to an amusiment park and the state fair. And on top of all that it was a stressful week at work. I'm really happy with my .4 loss this week, especially when I think about how easy it would have been for me to stress eat. I didn't make it to the gym this week but I did a lot of walking which help.

I'm excited about the possibilities of the coming week. My annual doctor's appointment is next week. Now that I've lost nearly six pounds in three weeks I'm feeling much better about it.

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