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No Lectures and Week Four Slump

I went for my annual check up yesterday. I was a little nervous about being five pounds heavier than last year. Lectures from doctors and nurses are not my favorite and it'd been a long time since I've had one. You can read about past doctor visits here.

When it got to that part of my appointment, my nurse looked at my chart and said "your weight it pretty much the same as last year ..." she flipped another page, "but it's way down from 2010. Flip another page, "AND 2009." I mentioned I had been a bit complacent over the summer. She asked how often I was working out and I said twice a week but I'm planning to add more days now that our schedule is getting back on track. She smiled and shut the folder and that was the end of that. No lectures necessary.

I've hit the week four slumps. I'm getting bored with the things I've been eating (bagel thins, yogurt). I've been eating out a lunch (Subway, When Eddie Met Salad). Haven't been blogging as much (shame shame) and I've been pushing the rules to see how much I can get away with (spoiler alert - I'm not getting away with anything!).

It's so not worth doing what I've been doing this past week. I need to clear my head and dig in. This is a critical point in the process. I haven't seen physical results yet and this is when my brain starts playing tricks on me. I need to push through a few more weeks and it will all be worth it. The keys to my success are: zumba, blogging and meal planning. All things that are easy to talk yourself out of, but all things you're happy you've done after you've done them.

I will probably be up a little on the scale for my weigh in tomorrow. It depends on how much Zumba helps me out tonight. I'm planning on going. I'm getting my hair cut tonight but should be done in time to go. (accountability).

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