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I Went to the State Fair and LOST Weight!!!

It's been a very busy and very fun week! Friday we celebrated the end of summer by going to Holiday World. It was such a great day. I kept my eating clean for breakfast and lunch and then was able to splurge with some ice cream with sprinkles and a heavier dinner. By Monday morning when I checked the scale I was back to my Friday weigh-in weight. I'm sure walking the park and going up all those steps at the water park really helped out.

The kids with Holidog

Jacob and me on the Turkey Whirl
Being goofy

Then yesterday we (along with my Dad) went to the state fair. It was the first time for my kids and we all had so much fun. We ended up doing a scavenger hunt that had us walking all over the fairgrounds. I was nervous that they weren't going to be able to claim their prize for completing their mission because the building the flyer said to go to closed at 7 p.m. but the ladies who gave us the the information at a different spot said we had until 8 p.m. to finish. So we hiked back to the original spot exhausted and luckily the ladies were there an gave them their prizes - cowbells. What? Yes, cowbells. Oh well, the kids thought they were cool.
Grace loves getting her face painted!
My dad did the knot work on this bridge.

I was quite proud of myself when it came to resisting the fair food. I had Subway before meeting up with the family and in the afternoon when I was hungry Jim suggested I get some chips from one of the food vendors. I did and had a few bites, but didn't really care for it and didn't want to waste my points so I gave the rest to the family. My dad and I heard an announcement about finding healthier food options at one of the exhibitor halls, so while others were eating corn dogs and fried oreos I hiked over to the building and ordered a chicken salad sandwich on wheat bread. Still not the best choice on the menu, but definitely better than elephant ears and funnel cakes.

The scale this morning said I was down half a pound!!!

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