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Day 7


So last night went from being a night out with friends to dinner with just me and Jim followed by watching the Olympics at home. It was nice just to spend time together.

I spent a lot of time looking at the On the Border menu beforehand figuring out what I was going to get.

First I looked up the pt. count for what I have been getting there. Jim and I had been splitting the sampler appetizer. 55 pts. And we had been getting pitchers of margaritas. I was shocked when I used the WW cheat sheet online and saw that margaritas are 14 pts.!!! I was pretty disappointed because I had learned to really love that meal.

But I was determined to make it work.

I looked up the point value on a LOT of menu items and was again surprised at what I found. I knew I wanted to spend my points on chips and drinks so I ended up getting two chicken tostadas as my meal which were 7 pts. for both. The chips and salsa were 11 pts. I was looking at their drink menu trying to come up with an alternative to the margarita and was so happy when I saw they had a skinny version. Doing a little online research I figured they were probably around 4 points each and I planned on three.

I felt really good going into the restaurant knowing exactly what I was going to get and knowing that I would get to eat all my favorite food and drink and end up being full and satisfied. I ended up only ordering two of the skinny margaritas (they sure weren't anything like the regular margaritas but the difference in taste was worth saving 10 pts for each drink) so I ate about half the beans and rice that came with my meal.

So ... my total pts for the meal (chips, two drinks, some rice and beans, and two tostadas) was 33 pts. Which is awesome for a fun night out! I will gladly give up some exercise points for that meal. Just for fun I figured out how many points I used the last time I went with the extra chips, sampler, and fully leaded margaritas and it was easily over 90 pts. Holy cow! And we went to a movie after that night and had popcorn. No wonder my weight crept back on.
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