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Day 6 - Weigh In


Weigh in Day - Aug. 3
Previous weight - 204.6 (July 29)
Current weight - 200.6
Difference - lost 4 lbs.

Total weight lost - 44.4 pounds

I was pretty excited when I saw the four pound loss on the scale this morning. I felt really proud and knew that I deserved the loss. I worked really hard for it this week. I went to bed hungry ever night. My body is still getting used to the smaller amount of food I'm eating (the normal amount I should be eating). I'm actually eating more often than I had been, just smaller portions and healthier choices. I'm excited for this week and to get back under 200 lbs.

Last night I knew I had left over points for the week and I was tempted to have a package of oreos or nutter butters to use up the points, but we are going out to On the Border with friends tonight and I knew it would be better to save the points for that. I'm really looking forward to tonight - it should be fun.

I haven't really thought much about the weekend but I need to get a plan together now. There are a couple of parties we'll be going to and I want to be in control of what I'm eating. I'm finally starting to feel better and will be able to exercise more next week. It's also the week before school starts so there will be some stress I'll need to be prepared for.

But for now I feel awesome. I started the day with a huge smile on my face after I saw the number. It's jeans day at work and I put on my bigger pair of jeans first. They fit pretty well so I decided to try on my favorite pair of jeans from last winter that are actually two sizes smaller and they felt good. For the first time in awhile I felt good in my clothes - felt like I looked good in them. Man, I've missed that feeling. Even if no one could tell the difference if I wore the same outfit last week when I was four pounds heavier - I know the difference. I can feel the difference in my clothes already and I'm so excited to keep feeling that difference.

I'm excited to try on clothes as I lose more weight. That is always such an awesome feeling.

So today is the start of a new WW week. I'm ready. 

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