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Day 5


No change on the scale today but that's ok. I'm happy with the amount I've lost so far this week even if it doesn't change for weigh-in tomorrow. I've only worked out once this week because I haven't been feeling well and have been going to bed early. I have a really bad headache right now so I'm not sure if I'll make it tonight.

I don't remember much about yesterday afternoon. I asked Jim to take care of dinner last night and we had English muffin pizzas. We hadn't had them in awhile and they were good. I ended the day at 45 pts., which is a little high but I still have 24 weekly points left for the week as of today.

Last night I asked everyone to help me get the clothes ready for the uniform sale which is this weekend. It went so much faster with their help. I was surprised at the volume of clothes that I had especially since it seemed like I was washing the same five pairs of pants each week for each kids last year. I also was surprised at how much still fit them. 

I've started working on Jim's 40th birthday party even though it's two years away. If I don't start now time will get away from me planning it. It's a good distraction.

Lunch was boring today. I ran out of the cucumber salad yesterday so today I just had a Smart One and cut up an orange pepper with Ranch dressing and I'm going to have some pudding. I feel like I bought a lot of snacks at the store on Sunday, but I guess I really didn't. I still need to cut the pineapple up.

So I'm feeling good. The newness excitement has worn off, but I'm still 100% in it and motivated. The biggest thing I've had to say no to this week is this beauty sitting in the kitchen at work.

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