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Day 4


I'm beginning to remember how exciting it can be to weigh in each morning. Today showed 201.8. I didn't get off and on the scale to see if the number was consistent or move the scale around hoping that maybe I'd get a better number. Instead I got on, looked down to see how much I'd lost and got off. It feels so good.

I ended the day with 36 points. I was fine at work yesterday afternoon but last night was a different story. I started the spaghetti as soon as the kids and I got home. I had a banana and Tbsp. of Cookie Butter while I waited for the water to boil. I only had two pieces of garlic bread left to make and I thought Jacob didn't like it and I would get a piece, but he swiped it off the plate as soon as I put it on the table. It was better that way though - I didn't miss it.

I didn't measure my spaghetti (I should have taken that step) but I tracked it as 1 1/2 cups. As I was scarfing down the pasta I was thinking about going back for more. But I decided it wasn't worth the extra points and I was full. A few hours later I was hungry again and really grouchy and very tired. I ended up having a 3 pt. granola bar. As soon as I ate it I was crying out in my head that I was still hungry and that I could have eaten three more. The same thing happened after my afternoon snack yesterday. But I got busy doing something else and 30 minutes later the hunger went away.

Things are going well so far today.

I read this on a blog recently and it's really stuck with me.

"You are doing great on your journey. I will warn you. There will be a time when you are not losing weight. The cheers will fade. The compliments will stop. Then you need to find a motivation for yourself."

This is so true. I didn't decide to lose weight for the compliments, but man it sure did help to stay motivated. Wearing new clothes and having people notice and make nice comments just gave me a boost of confidence that built up as my shield of motivation. I miss having people tell me that my blog inspires them. But that is like complaining about not winning the lottery when you don't play it to begin with.

I need to go back to the store already. I need more fruit and veggies and some more dinner ideas. I really like the chobani yogurts I tried and want to stock up on them - even the 4 pt. ones - they 're worth it.
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