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Day 10

DAY 10

Disclaimer - okay, I think I'm ready to get back to writing like I used to, instead of journal entries that I did last week. Okay? Okay!

We all had so much fun at the lake on Saturday. So much fun that both of the kids shed some tears on Sunday because they didn't want to leave our friends' house.

I had asked my friend Julie Ann what I could bring out to her house and she mentioned donuts. I picked up some delicious looking chocolate and regular glazed donuts along with some blueberry coffee cake and Jim ended up getting some cinnamon rolls covered with icing. I was completely okay with it - I knew I wouldn't eat it and had already planned to take my bagel thins and Laughing Cow cream cheese and some Chobani yogurt for breakfast. (Although the more adult beverages I had that night the more tempting the cinnamon rolls were, but I held my ground.)

We got out to the lake and all the kids went off and did their thing. I love how well they get along. The four adults got caught up on how family life was and a few hours later we headed out on the lake for the ski show. It was a beautiful day. We went back to the house later and met up with some other friends boating by and I just ended up having the best night. At one point I took a photo of the six kids sitting in the hot tub while their parents were all on the porch laughing and telling stories and I just thought how lucky my kids are (no wonder they cried when we had to leave). Did I mention how well the kids get along? They were off telling stories and playing wii and dancing and before we knew it they were still in their swim suits and it was nearly midnight! The next day I heard that Jacob was telling them their fortunes. "You will find much success at the skating rink." or something along those lines.

So on the eating front. I had some yogurt and a corn dog for dinner, but did get into the pizza that was brought out much much later that night.

Sunday I woke up (and felt pretty good considering how much tequila was left in the bottle!) and made my breakfast. I passed up cake and lots of other yummy food at the cookout. I did have some cheese wedges and a couple spoonfuls of pasta salad.

So, of course when I got home Sunday night and started plugging in all those little bites of cheese and crackers and adult beverages, I started to get nervous about how I had actually done. In the end I had used up all my weekly points and was 18 points in the red. I started to panic. Then I looked at the calendar and figured I could work out three times this week and that would eliminate those red points and also give me 24 exercise points to use throughout the week and give me a loss. That made me feel so much better.

Before if I had even bothered to enter points from the weekend, I would have just thrown in the towel for the week when I saw the red numbers. Now, just so you know - these types of weekends don't happen very often (or often enough depending on how you look at it) - so it won't be often that I'm plugging in double digits for alcohol consumption or double digits for digorno pizza, but at least I know I can do it every once in awhile and still have a successful week of weight loss. I've said it before - WW isn't for everyone and this kind of weekend would not work for other people, but for me it does.

Scale this morning shows 200.8 so things are looking good for a decent loss on Friday.

I'm not having nearly the issues with hunger like I did last week. I'm getting full faster. I am starting to want to fill up on fruits and vegetables. Lots of bananas, pineapple, strawberries, salad, cucumbers, snap peas and yogurt - can't get enough of it and these things all keep me full.

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