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Day 3

Well I made it through yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling really hungry although I felt like I ate all day. I'm just not used to not feeling full all the time. I started an email to Stacey telling her I was hungry but then deleted it. An hour later she sent me an email saying she was starving :) She suggested going for a walk which was really nice (and I earned 1 Activity Point!). I had my chocolate pudding cup when I went back to my desk.

I got caught in traffic on the way home so only had a few minutes to get ready for Zumba, I was afraid of running out of steam during class so I opted for a few ham slices and four cheese cubes. That was a mistake as I was having trouble keeping it down at Zumba. Zumba was rough. Monday nights is back in the studio instead of the gym and it was hot. My face was so red. I kept watching the clock too which is something I never do. The hour usually flies by so quickly, but I'm so out of shape that it seemed to take forever. The girl next to me said "I can sure tell I've been gone for a month." and I told her I felt the same way.

Chatting before class, some of the girls were talking about how awesome the Hip Hop class is on Saturday mornings. I'm going to have to make it over there to try it it out.

I was beat when I got home and asked Jim to make dinner. I took a shower and only ate about 3/4 of my chicken and had some yogurt and corn. I don't remember being hungry last night. I ended the day with 36 pts.

I was SO tired when I woke up this morning, but I was down another pound! I know after this week the losses will slow way down, but I've done so much damage the last couple of weeks that I should at least have a 3 or 4 pound loss this week. I really want to get under 200!

Today has been going well. I've been busy at work this morning. I just finished lunch and have used 17 pts. so far. I made myself really pay attention while I ate lunch today. I actually set all my food out so I could see everything and cleared off my desk. Most importantly I turned away from the computer and really thought about how full I was feeling while I ate. I was surprised how full I felt right away.

One of the things I forgot about is, when I'm on track and really planning what I'm going to eat, I really look forward to eating. The yogurt for morning snack tasted so good because I had been looking forward to it. Even though my lunch wasn't very exciting, I was happy to be eating and proud of the choices I made.

This time really does feel different. It feels like the first time I lost weight with WW. I wish I could bottle it up and share it. One of the keys to my success has been telling people I'm back. Posting on Facebook yesterday and getting some support was great. Hearing that I'm an inspiration to others makes me feel really good and proud and I want more of the feeling. Knowing that Stacey knows that I'm not supposed to be diving into that HUGE box of Bit O'Honey in the break room helps me stay motivated.

I'm hoping I'm not as hungry this afternoon as I was yesterday. I'm not exercising today so I want to keep my points down.

That's it for now.
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