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It's Never Easy!

I'm surprised to find that I'm still struggling with portion sizes even after a week being back from vacation. Right now I'm going through feelings of regret for having eaten whatever I wanted while we were in Chicago. I'm wishing that I would have stayed on plan. The reason isn't because of the vacation weight gain but because I'm not where I was mentally a week ago. I've done damage to my mental game and confidence that I'm fighting to get back. This battle is definitely not worth those fries and milk shakes.

I'll keep up the good fight though. I'm going to Zumba tonight even though I'd much rather being playing with the kids outside or even continuing the cleaning kick I've been on lately. Actually, I'm going at 8 p.m. tonight so the playing with the kids excuse isn't even a valid one because they'll be going to bed. It doesn't matter though because I know I need to workout and I will go. My body is craving it and I will feel so awesome after it's over.
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