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Weigh In

Weigh in Day - March 9
Previous weight - 197.2
Current weight - 195.8
Difference - lost 1.4 pounds

Total weight lost - 49.2 pounds

So I feel pretty amazing about my loss this week. This is my first big loss of the year where I was really putting in the work to lose weight. It wasn't perfect - I finally figured out that you can't track beer by nutritional information which ended up having me add 8 additional points to my week - ouch. There were also a couple of things I ate but forgot to track until a few days after the fact. I did end up over my points this week, but it's so hard when I'm guessing points for things I don't have nutritional information for so I always over-estimate so in the end I think it all evened out. I also made it to Zumba three times this week which felt great.

I was happily surprised by the number on the scale this morning. I'm a daily weigher and I hadn't dropped below 196.2 all week. As of yesterday's weigh it was looking like I was going to have another week at the same weight again which really pushed me to have a great day yesterday with my eating and exercise. So when I saw 195.8 on the scale this morning I was all "YES!" I felt that my work this week had been validated. I did get off and on the scale a dozen times just to make sure the numbers were consistent.

So I'm feeling good. I'm ready to ride this wave of success and really keep things in control this weekend.

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