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Weigh In and The Will

Weigh in Day - March 16
Previous weight - 195.8
Current weight - 195.8
Difference - no change

Total weight lost - 49.2 pounds

I am a bit disappointed that my weight stayed the same this week. I ended up with 26 unused weekly WW points this week, so I know I will see the scale go down over the next couple of days. This has been my strongest week so far, this go around. I went to Zumba on Sat., Mon., and Thur. I did great with my points. I feel good and am noticing a difference in my clothes. I'm not as hungry as a few weeks ago either. I'm not doing a whole lot of snacking at work which I think is helping.

The husband and I are getting really excited about garage sale season getting ready to begin. We are actually going out tomorrow morning to hit a few sales we found on Craig's List. I'm toying around with the idea of starting a blog about our adventures. We have a lot of fun garage saleing and then we sell a lot of what we buy on eBay for a profit. Would you read the blog or know someone who would?

Since I've got the garage sale fever I hit a couple of Goodwills on my lunch hour this week (hence the lack of blog posts the last couple of days). I scored the pants I'm wearing in my weigh in photo at the Will. They are Talbot size 16 (regular 16, not 16W NSV!). I looked them up online and they retail for $120. I got them for $4. AND, I bought two pairs! Pretty sweet.

Yesterday I went to a different Goodwill and did awesome. I got four blazers, three tops, a pair of boots and a cute bag for under $50. Brands included Anne Taylor, The Loft, H&M, Jones New York and The GAP. The stuff looks brand new. My theory is with the nice weather people are switching over their winter/summer clothes and donating the stuff they don't wear = score for me.

This is the kind of stuff that Jim and I get so excited about. I was in desperate need of work pants and went to Macy's earlier in the week. The average price of their pants was $55-75. I just can't do it. I found a clearance pair for $30 that I bought but felt conflicted about. Just knowing I can find comparable (or better) pants and Goodwill for $4 makes it hard to buy retail. I know some people can't stomach the idea of wearing "used" clothes, but good golly, I couldn't care less. That's what washing machines and dry cleaners are for!
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