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The Final Countdown

Last night I took the kids with me to the Y so that I could go to Zumba. We did our normal routine of scanning in, putting my purse in the locker, going upstairs, Gracie grabbed me a towel from the weight room and we headed down the hall to the child watch room. I got them signed in and gave them hugs goodbye and walked out the room to head to the gym for Zumba.

That's when I heard it.

There is a exercise room next to the child watch and I could hear the instructor over her microphone. She was counting down a set. "5 ..... 4 ..... 3 ..... 2 ..... last one ....."

And my brain said - "Oh thank God I'm not in that class!"

I have gone to those types of classes since I was in college. Don't get me wrong, they are great classes, but they're not my favorite. They are hard and I don't like going to them and I watch the clock the whole time.

For so long I thought that's what exercise meant. Something you don't want to do, that hurts and you can't wait to get it over with.

I'm still surprised that I was able to find an exercise that I love.

Zumba is easy for me. It's like dancing for an hour with a bunch of friends. After two and a half years I still love it.
A sweaty mess after Zumba last night. It was so hot in that gym!
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