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Weigh In and New Workout Clothes?

Weigh in Day - Feb. 17
Previous weight - 198.6
Current weight - 198.4
Difference - lost .2 pound

Total weight lost - 46.6 pounds

Just a little loss this week. I expect the numbers on the scale to continue to go down over the weekend considering the amount of exercise I did this week.

I'm feeling stronger mentally with my wellness goals. It's all starting to come together for me. I'm excited about what the future holds. I'm really excited to get out of the 190s because I know what a difference it will make in my appearance and clothes since I've been there before. I especially want to look better in my workout clothes. I'm not loving looking at my reflection in the mirror right now. Speaking of which, I really need some new workout clothes. I'm proud to say that I've worn them so much over the last couple of years that they are getting pretty faded. Maybe that's a goal I can give myself. Once I get down to the 189 I buy myself some new gear :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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