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Weigh In and Girl Scout Cookies

Weigh in Day - Feb. 3
Previous weight - 200 (Jan. 27)
Current weight - 199
Difference - lost 1 pound

Total weight lost - 46 pounds

First of all, I haven't done a weigh in post since Sept. 9 (I was 197.8 on that day). Nearly five months - ridiculous. I'm really glad I'm bringing these back.

Second of all, I felt really strange taking my weekly weigh-in photo. It had been awhile for one of those as well (July).

Thirdly, I'm thrilled with my one pound loss because according to my tracker I was wayyyy over in points this week. Which means one of three things 1.) it will show up on the scale this week, 2.) I overestimate points for the foods I didn't know nutritional information for or 3.) I've been eating so poorly before this week that even though I was over, I still made better choices than I have been and it showed with a loss.

I'm really hoping for number three because that will mean I will have a killer loss next week because I'm going to rock the point counting this week.

Fourthly, this has been a truly stressful week for me personally. There have been so many ups and downs this week that have happened so quickly that I'm proud that I still have my head in the game. There is nothing I would like more than to crack open five different boxes of Girl Scout cookies and eat them all right now. Thankful I wrote this down this morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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