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Next Wednesday will begin the Lenten season with the observance of Ash Wednesday. The family and I were talking about Lent on the way to the library yesterday and Gracie asked what a sacrifice was. I talked to her about Jesus dieing on the cross as a sacrifice for all of us and she began to wrap her ahead around the concept.

Last year I gave up checking Facebook while I was with the kids. It was difficult for me because I'm admittedly addicted to social media. Last year was the first time in a long time that I gave up anything at Lent. Jacob gave up waffles. He eats waffles everyday so it was quite a sacrifice for him but I never heard him complain about it once. He resolved to not eat waffles and so that's just how it was.

I'm curious to see what the kids give up this year. I have a feeling Jacob's sacrifice will have something to do with staying organized at school which he has really struggled with lately.

I want my sacrifice to be a real sacrifice this year. To really make me aware everyday as to why I made the sacrifice. Mine will either be wellness or like Jacob, organization focused - the two areas of my life that need the most help at the moment.

It will either be something about doing some sort of chores every night - maybe getting the kids involved with that. Or maybe not eating after dinner. Maybe no chocolate or ice cream. No soda (could I really do that?)What else? Any ideas out there in blog land?
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