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Cake and Pickles

One thing I've noticed the last two weeks is that I'm so hungry. Oh my gosh, I'm hungry all the time. It's so frustrating. It's usually a few hours after dinner that I notice it the most and that is one of my most vulnerable times. It would be so easy for me to grab a full meal's worth of points from the fridge or pantry if I'm not paying attention.

The two things that have been working for me are first (which I mention last night) I just go to bed. I fall asleep really fast and sleep soundly so I know if I just go to bed I'll be up before I know it and can eat breakfast. And secondly, I'm trying to fill up on zero or low point items. The last two nights I have been so tempted to get into the cake that the boys made for the Scout auction on Sunday. It would have been so easy to just take a forkful here and there (btw, the rest of the cake went in the trash last night).

Jacob and Jim's "CAKE" they made for the Cub Scout Cake Auction. So creative!
(I'm not allowed to help. Obviously.)
But instead I've gone through half a jar of pickles. They are zero points and actually somewhat filling. Plus, once you eat a pickle, nothing else really sounds good.  My favorite are Claussen Dill Halves (thanks for the recommend Kim!)


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