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Just Slow Down

This is a crazy busy time of year for me at work. I sent my coworker Stacey an e-mail the other day telling her that I was having old feelings of wanting to deal with the stress of being busy at work by eating it away with brownies and cookies.

Since the marathon last week (has it only been a week?) I've been trying my hardest to clean up my eating. I went back to Zumba and felt awesome. And I'm happy to report that I'm down two pounds this week (there was a lot of carb loading last week).

But it still hard. Man it's hard. It's hard to make the right decisions every single time. It's a lot of pressure.

I haven't been to the grocery store which is mistake number one. I finished off the bag of bagels I had at the office earlier this week and yesterday morning I just had some instant oatmeal for breakfast.

On the way into work this morning I debated stopping at Chick-fil-A and battled with myself over what I would get. I kept thinking I'd stick with their oatmeal or yogurt, but man that breakfast burrito sure sounded good.

I decided to just go to the office and have instant oatmeal again. I walked into the kitchen to get my stuff and then I saw it. A tray of leftover brownies from Paradise Bakery. I could smell them through the container.

Usually I'm pretty good about saying no to sweets at work, but with everything going on I had the overwhelming urge to grab one, wrap it in a napkin and sneak it to my desk. Luckily one of my co-workers was in the kitchen with me so I was too embarrassed to follow through with my plan.

I made my oatmeal and headed back to my desk. But I was still thinking about that brownie. I started a debate in my head to justify eating it. I said I could just skip the oatmeal, have the brownie for breakfast and just eat "good" the rest of the day. It couldn't be that bad could it? I could start to taste the brownie already.

But here's what I did right. I looked up the WW points for the brownie BEFORE I ate it. Paradise doesn't have their nutritional information online, but from what I could find I was looking at 17 points for that one brownie. Over half a days points for something that would make me hungry in 30 minutes and make me feel bad about myself for eating.

It was easy from that point on. Once I saw that 17 pop up I knew it wasn't worth it. Funny how that works isn't it? I happily ate my oatmeal and went on with my morning.

It pays off to just slow down and think before you eat!
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