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I Will Not Eat My Kid's Halloween Candy

Let it be known ...

I will not eat (anymore of) my kid's Halloween Candy


That's what I posted on Facebook just now as I was eating my lunch.

I've been struggling blog friends. I am nowhere near being in control of my eating and haven't been for weeks.

I was eating my Jersey Mike's sub in my car just now and for what feels like the hundredth time trying to figure out how to get my control back.

So I'm working on a plan. I'm not giving up.

1. My first action step is no Halloween candy.

I had a little preview of Halloween candy this past weekend. We went camping and the campground had trick-or-treating for the kids. I don't know why Jim and I think it's ok to eat the kid's candy, but we always have.

We didn't realize there would be trick-or-treating so we improvised on the kid's "sleepwalker" costumes.

I remember last year at Halloweekend (another annual camping trip) that I just ate and ate and ate mini chocolate candy bars and then I just kept eating it after the Halloween came and went. I remember feeling super bad about it. Counting up the WW points in my head that I was mindlessly eating. I don't want to do that again this year, so I'm not.

Now that it's on Facebook and here on my blog, I won't do it. Accountability is my strength.

I still have many things to work out. I KNOW that I have to track. I've been saying this to myself for weeks and I've yet to track a complete day.

Since I haven't successfully tracked yet, I need to set myself up for success in able to do it and that leads me to ...

2. My second action step is to plan my meals for a week.

I've never done this, but I know if I do it, I will track and I will lose. Which will naturally lead to ...

3. My third action step is to track.

There it is friends - three simple steps. I promise to write and let you know how my plan is going.
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