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Accountability - Friday Menu

My goal is to have my menu for the week finished tonight and grocery shopping done by tomorrow afternoon. My WW week starts on Fridays so keeping with my promise to plan my menu and track, here is what I have planned for today:

Market Day Oatmeal - 4 pts.

Morning Snack
Quaker Oats instant oatmeal - 3 pts.

Lunch  (business meeting)
Seasons 52 chili and salad (lunch portion) - 7 pts.

Afternoon Snack
Pretzels - 1 pt.

Chick-fil-A chicken strip salad with berry vin. dressing - 14 pts.

Late Night Snack
Banana, strawberry, milk smoothie - 2 pts.

Daily Points Used - 31 pts. (31 pts. is my total daily point allowance)

I'm going to a jewelry party tonight (hi Mary Ellen) and I'm just going to plan on not eating anything there - it will be easier for me that way. I need to build up my confidence.

So, I will most likely feel hungry today. I feel like this is a lot less food than I've been eating lately. I want to start of this way though. I do have 49 weekly points that I have available to use and I will dip into those most days. I also have a scheduled 16 miles of walking this week which will also give me another 23 exercise points this week. I have a party tomorrow night so I will use some extra points there for dinner and drinks.
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