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Weigh In and a Bad Walk

Weigh in Day - Sept. 9
Previous weight - 198.6 (Aug. 16)
Current weight - 197.8
Difference - lost .8 pounds

Total weight lost - 47.2 pounds

Friday - 3 miles
Saturday - 8 miles
Tuesday - Zumba (60 minutes)
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - 4 miles

Last night was my 4 mile walk. It did not go well. at. all.

First mistake was taking Tanner with me. I had contemplated taking our dog with me on my training walks before but I didn't want him to slow me down. However, Tanner has been cooped up in the house all week because of the rain and he has been such a handful at night. This photo isn't of Tanner, but sums him up perfectly.

So I get myself together, grab Tanner and head down the street. The pooch then proceeds to poop three times before we reach the next block. So it's back to the house with the bags of pooh so I didn't have to carry them for 4 miles. I should have taken that as a sign to leave him at home.

So here's what else went wrong:

So when Jim rounded the corner I pushed Tanner's butt up in the Jeep and I jumped in the back. Jim was taking us home and I mentioned that I hadn't even gotten two miles in. He said I should finish my walk.

I so wanted to just go home. To be defeated and throw in the towel. To take a hot shower and feel sorry for myself. But I couldn't make myself say the words, so I instead I said ok and reluctantly got out of the Jeep and headed back out in the rain to finish the two mile while holding my shirt down and feeling my blister get worse.

I'm really proud of myself for finishing those last two miles. A bowl of chili followed by a hot shower was well deserved after that night.
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