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Monon Trail, Indy Greenways - 9 Mile Walk

My walk yesterday was awesome! Awesome I tell you. After about three miles in I said to Stacey, "I'm really enjoying this walk. Do you think you might want to do more of our long walks after work on this trail?" And Stacey gave me an enthusiastic "Yes!"

The trail I'm talking about is The Monon Trail  a 10+ mile trail in Indianapolis. I've known about the Monon for years and years but have never actually been on it. Earlier this week I was telling Stacey I wouldn't be able to do our long walk this weekend and was trying to squeeze it into the work week and she asked if she could join me. I was trying to figure out a plan that wouldn't have us walking too late at night and that's when I thought about heading to the Monon straight after work since it's just down the street. Stacey had never walked it either so we were both super pumped.

All day yesterday I kept thinking about the fact that I was going to be walking 9 miles in just a few hours. For some reason it just seemed so much longer than the 8 miles I did a few weeks ago.

So quitting time came around and Stacey and I got our gear on and headed out to our cars.
Ready for 9!

We met over the parking lot near the trail where we were going to start out and did a little stretching. It was in the low 60s and we were both a little worried about being cold since we were both in tanks, but we ended up being fine. We did see someone wearing earmuffs on the trail though :)

As we started walking I just kept thinking how nice the trail was. It was big and roomy and we were surrounded by beautiful trees. Every few minutes we would hear "on your left" as bicyclists would ride by. We passed the back of the Jordan YMCA where we go at lunch to lift weights.

Waiting at a stoplight

Our plan (thanks to a little advice from our friend Ali) was to walk 3 miles south towards Broad Ripple and turn around for 3 more miles. We would stopped at our cars for a quick drink and then head up the trail north for 1.5 miles and then head back to complete the 9 miles. I LOVED that plan. Breaking it into chunks made it seem like we weren't walking as far.

My favorite section of our walk was when we got to Broad Ripple and past by all the wonderfully smelling restaurants.

So the first 3 miles went by super fast as we were gabbing - that's what I love about walking with a friend. As we reached our first turn around spot after the 3 miles our legs both started to feel a little heavy. At 6 miles we stopped at our cars for water and some energy snacks. I had these Jelly Belly which I really liked and my stomach was able to handle. I had given Stacey a pack of pomegranate chews I had picked up and they were so nasty she spit it out and then of course I had to try it to see how bad it was and it was really bad. I threw the package away so I don't remember what they were called.

We both noted that we really enjoyed walking on the trail and we were walking noticeably faster than we usually do (Distance: 9.14mi Time: 02:33:06 Pace: 16:45min/mi Speed: 3.58mi/h). I credit it to being on a trail with other people out exercising and that fact that it wasn't 7:30 a.m. and we weren't half asleep.

We made our way up the mile and half and then headed back to our cars. It went really well for me - I had a little irritation on my right arm that was either from the cold and/or my arm rubbing against my side. It feels fine today but was burning a little during our walk. Unfortunately, Stacey ended up with two blisters on her feet after the walk, but she bought some new running shoes today so that problem should take care of itself.

We crossed a couple of really pretty bridges

So overall, a successful walk and I can't wait to do it again. I think my favorite parts were seeing the adorable dogs out for a walk. We also saw a bunny and had a crazy bird dive at our feet that made me scream out loud.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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