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I'm Going Back

I received some exciting news today. Exciting for me anyway. I was asked to be a class advisor for a program I graduated from this past January. This is something I really, really wanted and since I hadn't heard anything in eight months I figured I didn't make the cut.

This program is where I decided to make a change with my diet and lose weight. And this past January when I walked across the stage to graduate 50 pounds lighter than when I started the program, it was a very emotional accomplishment all the way around.

Photos of me at the program 2008 vs. 2011
So naturally, one of the first things I thought of after getting over the initial excitement of going back to this program and seeing all my old friends and making new ones was - it's time to make some new goals.

When I weighed in last Friday I was at 198.6. I've gained nearly five pounds since the beginning of June. It hurts to write that and I'd been avoiding it. I really thought it was going to come right off the last couple of weeks once I started eating better, but it hasn't so far.

My goal weight that was given to me by my doctor this past June is 180. (I'm almost 5'7"). I'd like to hit my goal weight by June 2012 so it would make sense for me to be about half way there by January 2012. That's about 18 weeks away and would put me at half a pound to lose every week. I think that's a decent goal to have.

I'm am scared though. Scared of failing. I've been stuck in the 190s for a year now. A year. I feel like I've put in enough effort to be maintaining my weight (which I've done successfully) but I haven't been putting in the effort to LOSE weight. I know how hard it is and I've been stubborn and I haven't wanted to put forth the extra effort.

So there it is. My mini goal is to be 190 by Dec. 30.

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