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More Fun With Numbers

I wouldn't call myself a numbers person and I certainly don't know my way around Excel, but I love a good spreadsheet.

So my walks have been going really well and I'm really enjoying them. My longest walk so far was nearly 7 miles yesterday and the most common distance my training has me going at this point is 3 miles.

Here are a couple of spreadsheets I've put together with my progress to date.

And then I separated out my three mile walks so I could see the progress I've made:

Now, I don't really count the Aug. 4 stats because I was nursing shin splits for that walk, but look at the numbers after that. In one week I shaved a minute off my time. I have to admit that Aug. 24 session I was hauling butt on that treadmill. I really wanted to push myself and see how fast I could go. You'll also notice that my average pace outside was a bit higher than the walks before and after that one. I can already tell it's hard to keep a faster pace when you're walking outside. It's so easy just to type a speed into a treadmill, but when you have the distractions of walking outside it's harder to keep pace.

One tool that's helped me is Map My Run. I have the app on my Droid and it records my walk while I'm doing it. I have it set to give me updates every 10 minutes on my distance, speed, average pace, etc. I also set it up so it automatically posts my walking stats on Twitter and Facebook after my walks which is kinda fun.

I have been a bit worried about keeping the 15 minute mile pace the first seven miles of the marathon, but after looking at these numbers and seeing the progression I'm making has me feeling pretty good. Plus I still have 10 weeks of training left to keep improving.
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