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Killed It

Tonight was one of those nights that I almost didn't do my planned workout. I hadn't walked since Sunday which I now know is too long for me to go between walks. Yesterday I was itching to get out and walk and tonight I was making excuses not to go.

I've really enjoyed the last two nights coming home, making dinner, doing homework, a little housework, shower and then cuddling up with a good book. On the way home from work tonight while I was figuring out what to pick up at the store for dinner is when the internal dialog started. I was talking myself into staying home tonight and making up my walk on Friday when I'm off work. I even went so far as to put on my pjs while I was making dinner.

The one thing that was going for me was that I was really hungry and starting to get grumpy. I told Jim when I got home that I might not go for my walk but then said that I'd decide after I ate. I was hoping after I wasn't hungry anymore my mood would improve and I'd want to go for my walk.

While I was helping Jacob with his homework after dinner I decided I would walk. I knew I'd feel better after my workout and I was right.

I started off my walk in my neighborhood. I was pretty slow going when I started out because I was full from dinner. I remembered my earbuds this time and I think that really helped pick up my speed. It wasn't long before I picked up the pace and started to feel really good. In between songs I could hear my feet crunching on the ground and my heavy breathing. I was in the zone.

The Map My Run lady came over my speakers after 20 minutes and said I was walking at a 16 and something pace. 30 minutes in I was walking under a 16 minute pace and that just pumped me up. At 40 I was still under 16 minutes and I couldn't wait to see what my final average speed would be.

My final stats were:

3 miles
47:24 minutes
15:44 pace

Killed It!
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