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Switching Things Up

I've heard one of my Zumba instructors, Lisa, say time and time again that in order to be successful at weight loss or maintenance you have to keep things fresh, switch things up. She says if you hit a plateau you should try a different exercise. And all those times I've heard Lisa say that, I've been resistant to her advice. In my head I say "yeah but, I love Zumba" or "yeah but, I would miss all my friends."

Well, I wish I would have taken Lisa's advice sooner because the unthinkable has happened ... I've burned myself out on Zumba. The last few weeks it's been easier and easier to come up with excuses not to go. The result has been a sense of being lost.

I'm happy to report I think I've gotten myself out of this rut. I've found a work-out buddy and it's making all the difference in the world.

Me and Stacey. Darn sun washed out our faces.
 I've mentioned before that my co-worker, Stacey, joined the YMCA and has been going to Monday night Zumba which is so, so fun. I enjoy that hour so much and it's mostly because she's there besides me. Stacey has a young family and it's hard for her to get away in the evenings to work out, just like it is for me. Stacey had the brilliant idea a few weeks ago to go to the YMCA up by our office during lunch. She asked if I would like to join her and before I could think it over, I shouted an enthusiastic "YES!"

Our plan was to spend our lunch hour in the fitness room and work with weights. Stacey has past experience working with different trainers, but I on the other hand have zero experience in this area.

We started last week. On Tuesday we worked on our arms. Stacey consulted her workout log from a previous training session and picked out exercises for us to do. She instructed me on form and technique and we would alternated doing sets with weights or do sets together facing the mirror.

It was fun. Which is the one ingredient I need to keep me coming back for more.

I loved the feeling when we got back to the office and I couldn't lift my sandwich to my face to eat. I loved it when I woke up the next morning and texted Stacey "Ow." I felt those couple of arm exercises the whole next day.

On Thursday we did legs. I've been thinking about my legs a lot lately. It's an area I really want to concentrate on and I feel like it's not an area that gets much use in Zumba. Stacey had us doing three exercises with two sets for each exercise. Friday morning I texted Stacey "OMG. I can barely move." It was Sunday before I could walk normally again. It. Was. Awesome.

Today we did more arms. We did some bicep curls on a machine and I was surprised how weak I was in that area. We've used those big bouncy balls for crunches. We've passed medicine balls. I've used dumbbells and barbells and hand weights oh my.

So my advice, especially during this post-holiday time that has so many of us struggling ... break out of your comfort zone, try a new class, schedule an appointment with a trainer, find a work out buddy and switch it up!
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