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Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon

This is my next thing. I'm really excited about it.

I will be walking the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon on Nov. 5.

I was talking to my girlfriend, Julie Ann, a few weeks ago about fitness like we normally do and she was talking about how she would be training for this half-marathon soon. She told me I should run it with her and I told her "I don't run." She had an answer to that statement that got me excited. She said that they had several girls in her group that walk the half.

I saw JA again this weekend and she and her friend Laurie were telling me more about the training and I got really excited.

I'm excited to finally be a part of a race. I'm excited to have my family cheering for me with signs from the sidelines. I'm excited to get to know Julie Ann even better (she's my favorite) and to meet some new friends. I'm excited to create an Excel spreadsheet training program. I'm excited.

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