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Feels So Good

I missed Monday Zumba two weeks ago because the Y was closed for the holiday and I missed last Monday because it was moved from the gym to the classroom and I knew I wouldn't get there early enough to get a spot in the room.

Three weeks without Zumba was enough to knock me out of my Zumba funk and I was excited to get back to it tonight.

Heading to Zumba

The odds seemed stacked against me.
  1. When I got home tonight and started to get dressed I realized I left my gym bag at work that had my only sports bra in it. I guess I need to finally break down and get another one. I wasn't going to let that keep me from going though so I wore a regular bra which I wouldn't recommend. 
  2. My workout buddy Stacey sent me a text that she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be going to class :( Feel better Stacey.
  3. When I finally made it to the Y and got a spot in the gym I noticed after chatting with some friends that we were 10 minutes behind schedule and it looked like there was a problem with sound system.
  4. Geraldine finally made the call that we were going to have to go upstairs to the classroom and there was a stampede to the stairs.
BUT - I managed to make it through all those obstacles and make it through class. Yay!

Here's what I loved:
  1. I loved lacing up my hot pink shoes (even though Tanner thought we were going for a walk when he saw me).
  2. I loved the familiar routine of getting dressed, filling my water bottle, and checking in at the YMCA.
  3. I loved seeing the familiar faces in class.
  4. I loved talking to Emily for 10 minutes about True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  5. I loved meeting a new lady in class who told me she was inspired by my blog (nice to meet you Diana).
  6. But most of all, I loved moving and getting my heart rate up and sweating like crazy. It was awesome.

Are we going on a walk Mama?
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