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Still In It

My kids are at camp and no tears were shed by anyone :)

I was an absolute mess the past few days leading up to dropping the kids off at camp. I was so full of anxiety about making sure I packed everything they needed, telling the kids everything they needed to know and worrying about not knowing for an entire week if they would have fun or not.

And I dealt with that anxiety by eating. It was not a good weekend on the food front and I felt horrible after the last bite of everything I ate. AND, I only went to Zumba once last week.

The good news is once we got to camp yesterday afternoon my anxiety lifted. I saw the smiles on my kids face, remembered how awesome the camp is and how prepared we, as counselors, were to handle any situation that would come up with our campers. My kids are in good hands. I really liked all of their counselors.

How stinkin' cute is my daughter?I love the knee high sock trend that is out right now!

Yes, there may be some homesickness or some things that don't go according to my plans, but what's important is that my kids will  have a great time at camp this week and this is just the beginning of so many wonderful memories to come. Gracie, my 6-year-old, is already talking about being a counselor when she gets older.

Gracie on her way up to the girls cabins to find out which cabin she was assigned to.

Jacob, on the way to his Yurt.
Jim and I took Tanner on a walk last night after we visited a pizza buffet. It was really nice to spend time together outside, just the two of us. He's ready to get back on the program as well. Tonight I'll be going to Zumba and my co-worker, Stacey, just asked me if I want to start lifting weights on our lunch hour and I'm super excited to give that a go.

So, this morning as I was walking into work, thinking about what the kids will be doing at camp today and feeling optimistic about a fresh start with my wellness program, while trying to push away any negative self talk, I saw my reflection in the glass door and noticed my collar bones sticking out and I just had to smile.

Yes, the past couple of days have been really bad with the food situation, but the fact remains that I've lost 50 pounds. I'm not going to gain it all back over one weekend. Yes, if I kept up those poor eating habits I would gain it all back, but I'm not going to let that happen.

See - I'm smiling!

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