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Day 4 - Shakeology Challenge

Sunday, Day 4, was a nice, relaxing day. I was a little down because the weekend was coming to a close. I'm having a hard time with school being over. Gracie is now in 1st grade and Jacob in 3rd. They are getting too big. I loved being home with them for a long weekend and that just makes it harder to go back to work. They're at their first day of day camp today and it just makes me a little sad that I can't spend the summer days with them.

Sunday was my first soda free day!!! It's my goal to make it the rest of the challenge without soda. Water isn't an issue anymore. I find myself craving it now. I walked into my office this morning and before I turned on the light I realized I left my water tumbler in my car - I take that as a pretty good sign that I'm aware of my water! I'm also finding that I look forward to my shakes in the morning. I'm really starting to like the taste of them and I'm so glad they are filling.

Yesterday's exercise was another walk. Tanner came along this time, but he got tired out by the end of our walk. At one point he literally laid down in a water puddle.

Poor, hot Tanner
I'm trying to get photos of my exercise every day for the challenge, but it's difficult to take a photo with a puppy!

Day 4 - Walk
This is one of my favorite parts of our walk. Yesterday, when we walked this street we heard the church bells and it was just so quiet and peaceful.

Food was fine yesterday. We had taco salad for dinner and the kids loved it. I'm so proud of Jim and myself that our kids are benefiting from our healthier lifestyles. When we asked them if they wanted taco salads or soft tacos for dinner they both said salad. They both ended up having a taco as well which was a whole wheat tortilla and they gobbled it up. I probably would have turned my nose up to whole wheat anything when I was a kid.

Here is my log for Sunday:
My daily Weight Watchers PointPlus target is 30 pts. I used all 30 pts. today.
I earned 3 Activity Points today and used all 3 pts.
I used 8 of my Weekly Points.
(41 pts. total used today)

Water intake – I lost track, but I know I got in at least 112 oz.

Exercise – 1.5 mile walk

Sunday, June 5
Breakfast 9 a.m.
• Chocolate Shakeology (4 pts.)
• w/ strawberries (0 pts.)
• w/ 1 cup skim milk (2 pts.)

Lunch noon
• ½ Tbsp. Olive Oil (2 pts.)
• Mushrooms (0 pts.)
• 1 egg (1 pt.)
• 1 egg white (0 pts.) (I only ate half of the eggs and mushrooms)
• 1/4 cup cheese (2 pt.)
• 1 Wheat tortillas (3 pts.)
• 1 serving Tostitos (7 chips) (4 pts.)
• Salsa (0 pts.)

Afternoon snack 3 p.m.
• 2 slices low fat wheat bread (2 pts.)
• w. 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter & Co. The Bee’s Knees (5 pts.)

Pre-walk snack 6 p.m.
• Oikos organic Greek yogurt – chocolate (3 pts.)

Dinner 7 p.m.
• Iceburg and romaine lettuce (0 pts.)
• Salsa (0 pts.)
• 6 oz. 93/7 lean ground beef (6 pts.)
• 1 serving Tostitos (7 chips) (4 pts.)
• 1 Wheat tortillas (3 pts.)


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