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Weigh In and a Tip That Really Works

Weigh In Day - April 22
Previous weight - 192.4
Current weight - 191.2
Difference - lost 1.2 pounds

Total weight lost 53.8 pounds

Friday - Walk (.5 mile)
Saturday - Zumba (60 min.)
Monday - Zumba (60 min.)
Tuesday - Zumba (60 min.)
Wednesday - Walk (.5 mile)

I've had a really great week at work. I've been so behind lately and I just dug in this week and knocked out a ton of projects. It feels so great to have that stress lifted.

This is what I've been doing on my lunch hour instead of writing on my blog this week.

the view from my van in my favorite lunch parking lot spot

I've been reading "A Game of Thrones" in my car enjoying the warm sun on my face. I'm still working on a post about our new puppy. It's looking pretty rainy outside so I think I'll be ok with staying in today.

And now for the tip that you all know, but I'm telling you it really works. Ok, how many of you go to the store and walk in and fill your cart with all these wonderful fresh fruits and veggies and when you get home exhausted from shopping you shove the little plastic bags in the crisper and then don't open that drawer again until it's all rotted? And how many of you get home from work after picking up the kids and have to let the dog out and the kids are starving and you need to get dinner started so that you can go workout later and so you grab something from the pantry that you hadn't planned on eating? Well, here's the solution to both problems.

Ta Da!

Simple, simple I know, but this bowl of goodness saved me many a time this week. So when I got home from the store I washed this new plastic bowl I bought (which I love by the way) and then got busy picking grapes from the vines. Gracie saw what I was doing and of course wanted to help.

stinking cute is what that is
I'm telling you, that bowl was full to the brim with grapes. And all this week the first thing I did after I let Tanner out was pull that bowl out of the fridge and start popping those grapes as I tried to gain control of all the balls that were up in the air.

I went to the store on Wednesday and have a fresh pineapple and two tubs of strawberries that I plan on cutting up tonight and putting in that bowl. Give it a try!
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