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Post Vacation Blues - UPDATE

If you read my post on Friday you know I've put on 8 pounds over the last two weeks. It took a lot for me to post that on my blog. I would have preferred to skip the weigh-in posting (like I had the week before) but I thought in the long run it would help me to put it out there.

I did well over the weekend with my eating which is not something I've accomplished at all over the last several months. My daily points allotment is 30. On Friday I ate 31 points, Saturday I ate 45 and Sunday I ate 43. Most weekends I eat as much as 60 or 70 points each day, depleting my extra points for the week.

I went to Zumba on Saturday and Monday. I planned to go last night, but Gracie was sick.

So how has the scale been this week? I'm scared to write this ... It's going down every day. Like really, big numbers every day.

Friday I weighed in at 201.2.
Today I weighed in at 193.8.

That is crazy and I really don't believe it. I keep thinking maybe my Friday weight wasn't accurate. Maybe I was bloated from travelling. But the truth is I felt like I had gained 8 pounds the last two weeks. And I physically feel like I've lost 7.4 pounds the scale is showing that I've lost in five days.

It's still two days until my official weigh-in and I know the scale can show a lot of different numbers between now and then, but I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm just so used to the number on the scale not budging that it's been hard for me to accept the drastic changes I've seen on the scale daily this week. I don't know, maybe the break from my diet last week has jump started something in body.
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