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What's the $2 For?

Just a quick post before my lunch hour is over. I was kind of down yesterday during the day, but after Zumba and some family time last night, I picked back up. I did well with my points yesterday and the scale is back down to 194.6 this morning. With my normal patterns, I would expect it to go down a pound or so before Friday.

I bought some new work pants yesterday on my lunch hour. The ones I was wearing were literally falling down. I was kinda scared to walk around. I feel much more comfortable today. They are size 18 from JC Penney. It's weird - I picked out the same pant (brand name, style, etc.) in a 16W in the plus size section and was going to get them and then I just happened to find my way over to the career section in misses and saw they went up to an 18. I tried both on and they fit pretty much the same, but the misses were $2 cheaper. Hmm, interesting.

If I'm not completely wiped out tonight after Zumba I'll try and post again - I have some things swimming around in my head I want to write about. But for now here are a few of my favorite photos from this past weekend. We went duck pin bowling and it was a blast. 

Gracie and I were out of clean socks so we broke out our Halloween ones.

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