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Weight Watchers Activity Points

I've had a couple of comments about how I used WW Activity Points and just want to copy and paste what Weight Watchers says online. I use Weight Watchers online exclusively and don't attend meetings or have a leader. Here's what WW says:

"All activity you earn will be available to you during the week.

When you earn activity PointsPlus values, they can be swapped for food PointsPlus values.

You can use activity PointsPlus values any time during the week, or just on the day you earn them. You can also choose to use your weekly PointsPlus before you start using your activity PointsPlus values, or vice-versa. (Go to Settings/Plan Preferences in the Plan Manager to choose how you'd like to swap.)

The Tracker will automatically swap PointsPlus values for you, however you decide to use them.

Be sure to click the "Save" button each time you use the PointsPlus Tracker so that you can track your progress and view any changes that have been made.

If you have a weekly number of activity PointsPlus values you are aiming to earn each week, you can see your weekly tally after you save your items.

Your weekly activity PointsPlus values earned will reset to zero on your Weight tracking day."

You can find this information on WW web site by going to "Help," clicking on "PointsPlus ™ Tracker" and then clicking on "How do you swap activity PointsPlus values?"
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