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Weigh In and Seriously?

Weigh In Day
Previous weight - 194.4
Current weight - 194.6
Difference - gain .2 pounds

Total weight lost - 50.4 pounds

Friday - Zumba (120 min.)
Saturday - Zumba (60 min.)
Monday - Zumba (60 min.)
Wednesday - Zumba (60 min.)
Thursday - Zumba (60 min.)

Six hours of Zumba and I gained this week. I'm not going to lie, I'm really bummed about this. I must have either miscalculated food I had to guess at or I'm over estimating my exercise points. I really thought the scale would go down over the weekend (I weighed in at 194.6 on Friday morning) but it's only continued to go up because of my poor weekend eating choices. I really need to get control over my eating on the weekend. It really stinks that two days of not being 100% can screw up a whole week of dedication. Right now, by my calculations I have to Zumba four nights this week just to break even (that is if my calculations are correct). This is not the way I wanted to start my week. I'm going to have to start planning out my weekend eating. It's when we decide on the fly to go to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night that I get in trouble. If I had time to think about it and get a game plan I think I could handle those situations better.
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