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Weigh In and Pick A Number, Any Number

Weigh In Day
Previous weight - 194.6
Current weight - 193.6 (194, 196, 194.6, 193, 194.8 - pick one)
Difference - lost 1 pound

Total weight lost - 51.4 pounds

Monday - Zumba (60 min.)
Tuesday - Zumba (60 min.)
Wednesday - Zumba (60 min.)
Thursday - Zumba (60 min.)

I was about to throw my scale out the window this morning. I couldn't get a consistent reading. I saw everything from 196 to 193 and everything in between. Our scale is in our bathroom. I tried everything from changing the setting to kilograms, putting it on the carpet (I weighed 178 - who hoo), changing the batteries, putting it in the shower and having the screen read 4.4. I was able to get a reading of 193.6 a few times, so that's the number I'm going with.

I got to work and went down to the locker room to get on their old school spinny scale and it said I was around 193 even while wearing jeans and a sweater. I think I might have to start weighing in at the YMCA on their scales. I'm just frustrated because I had this same issue with our old scale and that's the reason I got the new one a few months ago and all the reviews said it was a consistent scale. Whatever, moving on.

I went shopping a lot on my lunch hour this week so I only posted one blog entry this week. I did really well with my eating and went to Zumba Monday-Thursday. I think I've finally found my schedule that will work for me. Mondays at 6 p.m. with Geraldine, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. with Tina, every 4th Wednesday at 6 p.m. with Lisa (until Scouts are over and then I'll pick up more Wednesday classes), Thursdays with Lindsay at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:45 a.m. with Geraldine.

Now, I probably won't make it to all of these classes every week, but for the next few weeks this will be my goal because I have to get out of the 190s - it's a mental thing for me now. I have to push through it. I also really like this schedule because with the 6 p.m. classes I still can be home for homework and bedtime after class.

I'm new to Lindsay's Thursday 8 p.m. class, but I'm really liking it. I thought it would be too late for me since I go to bed around 10 p.m., but I haven't had a problem falling asleep or being tired Friday morning so this is actually a great class for me since I can have dinner with the family and be there for the start of bed time. (yeah our kids have always gone to bed early - we start bedtime around 7:30 with jammies, bathroom and several bedtime stories, then they have downtime in their room to read until lights out around 9 p.m. [most of the time Gracie is already asleep by lights out] - it works well for us.)

We have a fun weekend planned. Karate tonight, some of the kid's friends coming over for a sleepover, LEGO convention on Saturday and Scout Pinewood Derby on Sunday.

And, I will think about my food choices this weekend. No more of this blowing through my weekly points in two days - it's just too stressful the rest of the week.
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