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Motivational Speaking Tour

The couple of times that I really tried to lose weight previously were when I was in college and right after I graduated from college. I count these two times as when I was really "trying" because I made a commitment to exercise. My exercise of choice was walking.

I remember getting up really early, before work and walking around the neighborhood. Thursday was always my favorite morning to walk because it was trash day and I would see interesting things set out next to the trashcans. Man, I was bored. Have I mentioned before that I used to hate exercising.

One of the things I would to do during these long, boring walks was imagine and practice a speech that I could give after I lost all my weight and was doing a motivational speaking tour. Ha! I don't think I lost even five pounds during either of these times I "tried" to lose weight with exercise (I know now I wasn't accomplishing that feat of calories in vs. calories out).

Does anyone else do this? Imagine themselves at their goal weight, speaking in front of crowd with a ginormous poster behind them with their before and after photo on it?

I mean this was way before blogs and Facebook and Twitter. I guess in a way, writing this blog is proclaiming to the world my motivational speech that I had practice on those walks. Yes, it is pretty much the same thing.
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