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Big Love and It's Connection to My Weight Loss Journey

Spoiler Alert - I'm going to talk about the Big Love series finale in today's post and although I'm not going to give anything away, I just wanted to give you a head's up if you haven't watched it yet.

Jim and I have watched Big Love since its debut five seasons ago. The show sure has taken a few crazy turns over the last couple of seasons and to me this last season barely resembles the first season. But one thing is clear to me - I cared about these characters a great deal.

As we started watching the series finale last night, I told Jim - "let's go ahead and get this over with." I hadn't been that invested in the story the last two seasons as I was the first three. I thought I was ready to be done with the series. But as the closing credits rolled and "God Only Knows" played in the background I felt a tug at my heart, having to say goodbye to these characters.

I was listening to Terry Gross interview the creators of Big Love today and one of the creators talked about how invested he became with the characters. He said they are in his head 24/7, while he's in the shower, cooking dinner or "talking" to them while he's washing dishes - they characters are always with him and how hard it's been for him to let them go.

I can relate to what the Big Love creator was saying about his "characters," to my wellness journey. When I started this journey, I had NO IDEA how invested I would become with all the "characters" that go into making this journey a success. I didn't realized I would be thinking about Weight Watcher Points all the time - constantly reaching for my phone or laptop to calculate points. I've come to depend on those tools to help me every single day.

I didn't realize that this blog would become a "character." My blog is with me 24/7. Just because I don't blog every day doesn't mean I'm not thinking about blogging. Most of the time when I'm in my car by myself I'm composing blog posts in my head. When I go out to eat or cook something at home, I think to snap a photo of it before I think about eating. I can't imagine not taking photos of myself in the dressing room trying on clothes.

And of course, Zumba is another character. "Zumba, Zumba, Zumba" (said in a Brady Bunch, Jan voice). There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk or think about Zumba. I've written a lot lately about the relationships I've built thanks to Zumba. I celebrate my Zumba friends' successes with them and my heart aches for them when they're going through a difficult time.

All these "characters" make up my weight loss story. Without them, I would have gotten bored and moved onto a different story. I'm invested in all these "characters" and I couldn't imagine them not being a part of my life. Some characters will have more prominence in my life, others might eventually be written out of the story or be replaced with a new character mid-season, but they all have been important in getting me to where I am today.


My favorite photo from this past weekend:

Jim and Jacob show off his Ron Weasley lego car they made together for Jacob's Pinewood Derby.

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