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Stein Mart Shopping Day

I needed some alone time today so I went to Stein Mart to try on some clothes. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just wanted to feel good. I did have a gift card to use and bought the clothes in the first three photos. I absolutely love the coat. Tag said it retailed for $70, Stein Mart was selling it for $50 and it was 50% off. Love it.

I love this. It's not the "old me" but I feel like it's the "new me."
Bright and cheerful, not hiding in black.

I don't think I own anything yellow. I like it.
This looks cuter in person. I'll probably pair it with a cute jacket.
 The rest of these I tried on but didn't buy.

This was cute, but seemed too young looking form me.
I liked this, but the sweater was too small on the bottom.
Ok, I'm kind of regretting not getting this dress.

I just felt like it was too small and I think I would have been uncomfortable wearing it.
Now this would have been a dress I would have worn when I was at my heaviest and it would have made me feel horrible and dumpy.
I was happy when I took this off.
This is another type of dress that I used to be drawn to, hoping it would help hide the things I wanted to hide.
Now I don't like these types of dresses because they hide the things I want to show off.
I like this sweater better in this photo than I did in person. It seemed dumpy in person. I think it's kinda cute now.
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