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Let's Catch Up Shall We? (Lots of Photos)

First of all, today was the best day ever. ("Today" was Tuesday when I started typing this, but it's now after midnight). We are in the middle of icemaggedon here in Indiana. Monday evening we saw on TV that they were going to close the kids' school and I received notice my office would be closed on Tuesday. I stayed up late and watched American Pickers with Jim. I slept in and then as I promised the kids we started a Harry Potter marathon. We made it through the first four movies and since school and the office are closed again Wednesday it looks like we'll be watching movies five and six tomorrow. Luckily our power stayed on all day, we had plenty of frozen chili in the freezer for dinner and I even made pumpkin bread for my boys earlier this evening. It was such a relaxing day.

Which I really needed after the last couple of weeks. My husband got home this past Friday night after being gone at back-to-back trainings for eight days. Jim and I are very much a parenting-team so he was greatly missed the past two weeks. Usually, Jim takes the kids to school and I pick them up, but with Jim gone I was pulling double duty and had to adjust my work hours to be able to get the kids to school. Jim also takes care of bedtime most nights (I know, I know, I have the perfect husband) since I'm at Zumba a lot during the week. I had planned on keeping my workout schedule while he was gone, but Gracie ended up getting sick and I wasn't able to take them to child watch. Then later last week, I ended up getting sick (still trying to get over it) and on top of everything we found two lost puppies in our neighborhood and I instinctively picked them up and then had know idea what to do with them. They ended up spending several hours with us on Thursday night before I was able to find their owner via the power of Facebook.

Needless to say I was so happy to have Jim home on Friday night. I was able to pull out a few more hours of Mommy time on Saturday for a Daisy Scout tea party with Gracie in the morning and then the kids' basketball game at noon. Then it was on to home where I stayed in bed until it was time to go to work Monday morning. That brings us to today - my perfect day.

I think once the ice melts I'll be well enough to get back to working out - I've missed it and can't wait to get back. I've been doing ok with my eating even though I haven't been tracking. I know I'm playing with fire by not tracking so I will start that back up again. I think I finally am getting the scale to move after several weeks of no budging which I'm very excited about.

So, now that I've got you up to speed, let me share some photos from the last couple of weeks and then we'll be all caught up. I've missed you guys :)

This is my latest hobby that's been keeping my hands busy. Crocheting.
I tried knitting first and ended up throwing the needles across the family room in frustration. Then I tried amigurumi and successfully made a ball. Then I found a great tutorial on youtube for basic crochet and was able to make this scarf - Gracie loves it.
This is my latest project. It's a baby blanket that Gracie wanted me to make for her doll. I like the pattern, but it's so tight and the yarn is so small that it's taking forever to finish. Luckily I was able to get a bunch done today and will probably finish tomorrow.

I couldn't figure out how to get the orange battery light to stop flashing even though the cable was plugged in and it was driving me crazy so I used Cade Bane to block the flashing light. This is the stuff I have to deal with when the husband is gone.

These are the yorkies I found last Thursday. They were really cute. You can see how attached the kids were starting to get.

I have to admit I really enjoyed these little guys snuggling with me in bed. It wasn't long after we got comfortable that my friend called me and said she found the owners from photos I posted on Facebook.
Daisy Scout Snowflake Tea Party. Gracie and I had a great time, we made some cute crafts, I avoided the cookie samples and Gracie was able to get her face painted before it was time to leave for her basketball game. P.S. how cute is she?
The kids show off their presents from Daddy - a pink spider monkey and cheese hat. We are big fans of footie pjs in our house.
I sent this photo to Jim while he was gone. I have an annoying habit of leaving this cabinet door open ALL the time and it drives Jim crazy.

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