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I Made It Through the Weekend and Am Feeling Positive

I think part of the reason I kicked butt last week was I started off my WW Points+ tracking on Monday and just left the weekend points behind me. I think that was exactly what I needed to get started again.

I did track this weekend and I think I'm starting to understand why I've had such a hard time adjusting to the WW Points+ program.

On the old WW Points program, when my week started on Friday, I could make it through the weekend and the rest of the work week without being in the red - that is - I always had at least a handful of either weekly or exercise points that I could use without going in the hole.

Not so much with the WW Points+ program. Because foods have a higher WW point value and my daily point allotment is lower than before and even with the extra weekly points, I'm still burning through all my weekly points by the end of the weekend.

Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for a rule-follower like me - I can not stand to see numbers that are red ie: negative.

Here's where my numbers are as of right now. I've maxed out my daily points for today and am already in the hole five points for the week. I haven't added my dinner numbers yet for tonight, but I have added my exercise points for the Zumba class I'm going to take later tonight.

Here's where I would normally freak out. I would already feel defeated on Monday morning and usually stop tracking the rest of the week and give up, blaming the WW Points+ program.

Here's the thing though. The work week is much, much easier for me to stay within my daily points than during the weekend. So technically, as long as I exercise as I'm planning to the rest of the week, I'll see a loss on Friday.

Me, being the rule follower that I am, I don't like to enter my exercise points in for the week until after the class or if I know for sure that I'm going to go. Here, let me put in my numbers for Zumba for Tuesday and Thursday and see where I'm at. Be right back.

Ok, now see, once I go to Zumba tonight, Tuesday and Thursday I'll end up with an extra 17 points to use for the remainder of the week if I happen to go over my daily points (like I did today). See, that's totally doable. This is all just a mental hangup I have with seeing that negative red number come Monday morning.

Well, thanks for letting me ramble on about all this. It did help me remain confident in what I'm doing. For me the two main factors I have to stay focused on are daily tracking and exercise. Everything else just falls into place when I do those two things.
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