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Zumba is Awesome; Not Loving the Running Yet

I finally got back to the YMCA tonight. I was a little worried about not being able to keep up since I hadn't been to a Zumba class since Dec. 18 - that's way too long for me. I was going to take a comfy spot in the second row, but when I saw an empty spot in the front row next to Ashley, I couldn't help myself and moved up.

It was Tina's class tonight and she had some great new-to-me routines that I enjoyed. She even did my favorite song "Shake" when I requested it at the end of class. I barely made it through that song, but man, I love it. Another instructor, Lisa, did some fun routines during class tonight. I love all my instructors.

Here's a photo of me and Tina after class. My friend Heather said we should have taken it before class, but I kind of like showing off how much we work in her class!

After Zumba, I went in the fitness room at the Y, jumped on the treadmill and completed week one, day three of c25k. I'm not sure how I feel about doing this training after Zumba, but I'm not really sure how to fit both in.

I tried bumping up my run speed from 4.7 to 5.5 after chatting with my sister-in-law, Kim. I did four runs at 5.5 and was about to die at the end of all four of them. By the time my 90 second recovery walk was over I was ok, but it was really, really hard to finish those 60 second runs. The fifth and sixth runs I went down to 5.1 and the last two I went back to 4.7 which I was able to handle.

While I'm running I'm fine with my feet and legs and all that; it's my breathing that I have difficulty with. Anyone have any tips?

It's nice to get back into a routine and I'm really happy to be back to Zumba. I'm about to head off to shower and bed, but my old dog Maggie is making it hard for me to get up. Here's a photo of her from tonight. You can usually find her like this - resting her head on whatever object is convenient - in this case glue.

Here's a little something about me not all of you know. Jim and I named our dogs Cicely (passed away a few years ago) and Maggie after our favorite television show we watched when we were dating, Northern Exposure. We always said we were going to get a Pug and name him Maurice, but it never happened.
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