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Weigh-In and Today Is My Jan. 1

Weigh-In Day
Previous weight - 196.2
Current weight - 196.8
Difference - gain .6 pounds

Total weight lost - 48.2


Let's review: I'm back from my trip from Arizona, I need to get off the 3.2 pounds I've put on since Dec. 3 asap, I've got the exercise high going for me and I'm ready to gain control over this WW Points+ system.

So today is my Jan. 1.

This image below is a beautiful thing.

Clean slate and I'm so excited to do things right. Remember my word of the year from 2010? CONTROL. It's all about control. I am in control and I have big things in store for me this year. I will embrace this new WW system and learn to make it work for me.

The two things I'm focusing on right now are exercise and water. Both of these things are things I've done extremely well in the past and I am making them a priority again.

First of all, I think it's essential to track your fitness accomplishements. I do it by marking off the days I exercise on a calendar.

My 2010 Zumba exercise calendar I started in March
2011 exercise calendar. Blue = Zumba; Black = C25K

I'm going to start adding a fitness log on my blog along with my weigh-ins on Fridays. So from now on you'll see this breakdown under my Friday weigh-in information

Sunday - C25K Week 1; Day 2 (1.57 miles)
Tuesday - Zumba (60 min.)
Tuesday - C25K Week 1; Day 3 (? miles - photo didn't save)
Thursday - Zumba (60 min.)
Thursday - C25K Week 2; Day 1 (1.57 miles)

Last night was my second night back at Zumba since the holidays. I was excited all day thinking about going to class. Gracie hasn't been feeling well so I made arrangements with my parents for them to watch the kids since Jim had a meeting and I didn't want to take Grace to the Y's child watch since she was sick. Sometimes it's a huge accomplishment just to make it to class! I was able to catch up with some of my other Zumba friends before class started. Beth and Heather are training for a half marathon and they had just gotten finished with their run before class. On the days I do both Zumba and C25K I've been doing my runs after Zumba since it's just better timing for me. It was a tough Zumba class, but I was determined to get my C25K session in while I was at the gym.

Week two of the program consists of alternating 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I went back to my 4.8/2.5 pace and did just fine. Those are the speeds I'm most comfortable with right now and I can always work on increasing speeds later on. I was surprised that I handled the 90 second jogs as well as I did. I think maybe because there were only six jogging parts instead of the eight, 60-second jogs in week one or maybe it was the two minute recovery time. Anyway, I was proud to check another session off my belt and the only "problem" was a hot spot on my second toe which is fine today.

It did get a little crazy in the fitness room though. I had two women on either side of me on treadmills. The young girl on my right punched her speed up too high and couldn't keep up and went right off the back of the treadmill and went down pretty hard. She seemed to be ok and got back on for a few minutes. About 10 minutes later the woman on my left was finishing up her workout and was panting pretty hard and she lost her ballance and tried to jump on the sides of the machines but missed and landed on her knees. She said she was ok and left. I was a little worried after that and was extra careful to stay upright.

And my other goal is water. I've been drinking way too much Diet Dr. Pepper lately. Some days I don't get more than one glass of water in a day. That's no good, so I'm going back to basics. This old friend is going with me everywhere.

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