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My Favorite New Songs from 2010

My Favorite New Songs from 2010. Links go to the band's MySpace page.

1. Sick Sad Morning by The Dig (Electric Toys)
2. This to Shall Pass by OK Go (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky)
3. Mexico by The Soft Pack (The Soft Pack)
4. Hide It Away by Retribution Gospel Choir (Retribution Gospel Choir)
5. Promises by The Morning Benders (Big Echo)
6. On the Ocean by Guster (Easy Wonderful)
7. January Wedding by The Avett Brothers (I And Love And You) not quite 2010, but close enough
8. The High Road by Broken Bells (Broken Bells)
9. Just Breathe by Pearl Jam (Hit Collective)
10. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love by Usher (DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love) I had to throw in a Zumba song ;)

This was extremely difficult for me to put together. I had to narrow it down and then narrow it down again and the hardest part was to put them in favorite order. I dare you to do it!

Come on, tell me your ten favorite songs from 2010!

I'm also thinking about my other favorites from 2010 like books, movies, food I've never tried before, etc. We'll see what I come up with.
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