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It All Came Down To This Moment

On Friday night I graduated from my training program. This program is where I decided to make a change with my diet and lose weight.

Back at 2008, when I attended my first graduation ceremony, I watched the women cross the stage to accept their certificates and I imagined myself up on that stage and what I saw was an insecure girl, dressed in an oversize dress trying to hide her weight and wanting to get off the stage as quickly as possible.

What I saw on Friday was this:

As I was getting ready for graduation I couldn't help but be emotional. The accomplishment of having attended this training for four years and putting in 96 hours of classroom learning is enough to make anyone feel proud, but the fact that I had lost 50 pounds and proved to myself that I could lose the weigh made me really excited.

Friday night, I became my favorite.

Here are photos of my me and my classmate Dave from 2008, 2009 and 2011
I couldn't find one of us next to each other from last year :(

Liz, I know you're reading this. I've missed you so much the last two years at training, but I'm so glad our friendship has remained strong. I could have never done this without your support.
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