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Getting noticed


I've had a couple of people sit me down this week and tell me "how great I look" after losing 50 pounds.

Honestly, getting that  kind of reaction was a big motivator to me in the beginning, and although that is not my main motivation now, it never gets old to hear it.

Having people notice your weight loss is a fantastic feeling and I'm always grateful when friends take the time to tell me they've noticed.

I've shared with you before that this training  I'm at this week is where it all started. Four years ago I came home from this training wishing to be thinner the next year. My second year I was at my heaviest weight to date. My third year I had lost 30 pounds and this year I'm down another 20.

It feels great to know I don't have to wish to be thinner. When you really want something and put in the effort you can make things happen. No wishing required.

P.S. I had on a pair of size 16 jeans today. Four years ago when I was here I was wearing size 22s.


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