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Weign In and Baby Steps

Weigh-in Day

Previous weight - 194.4
Current weight - 193.6
Difference - lost .8 pounds

Total weight lost -51.4

In my last post I talked about needing to do some reflecting to figure out priorities and how to best manage my time. This is going to be a work in progress, but I'm very serious about it and I'm already taking baby steps to make some changes.

I've had a successful weekend so far. Friday night is my favorite night of the week. Gracie has ballet and Jacob has karate at the YMCA and then we go over to Five Guys for dinner (Jim and I save up points for this meal all week). It's our family night and it's something I look forward to every week.

Usually I stay with Gracie at ballet and Jim goes with Jacob to karate since they are in different parts of the building. At ballet the parents sit in the hallway during class. Usually I bring a magazine or play a game on my phone but I figured that time is a perfect opportunity to get a small task done. This week I took my Christmas cards with me. Usually I hand address my cards, but in keeping with what is the best use of my time I figured I could save at least an hour by printing off labels instead. So I sat in the hallway and knocked out all my cards. It felt great. Now, I just need stamps :)

Saturday morning I went to Zumba and man I tell you, it is so hard to get back into exercise physically when you've been away. I struggled the whole class but I'm so glad I went. I already know I'm going to miss Tuesday and Thursday's class this week because of Christmas programs so I knew I needed to go. I'm planning to go Monday evening as well.

Saturday afternoon Gracie and I went to see The Nutcracker with her ballet class. It was amazing and just the one-on-one time I needed with her. We got dressed up and headed to the performance. She was so excited. Here she is before the show.

And one of us together

And it's the little touches that make days like this so special. Like I actually took a second and packed a snack for us for intermission. But it wasn't just some pretzels in a baggie. I packed some of the gingerbread men I had gotten at Trader Joe's and it brought a smile to her face when I pulled them out of my purse.

After the ballet (Gracie said "the movie's not finished already is it?") we stopped at Starbucks (we don't drink coffee so we never go to coffee shops) for a hot chocolate.

We got home and hung out with the boys for awhile. Our friend Jeff came over and he was hanging out with Jim while I made dinner. I had been wanting to make pumpkin bread for Jacob since it's his favorite and he was sick last week and couldn't enjoy it during Thanksgiving. I checked to make sure I had all the ingredients (surprisingly I did) and so I decide to make it at 8 p.m. even though it would take over an hour.

Normally I would have put it off for another day, but I wanted to do this for my little guy so I made it a priority. I think he appreciated the effort.
So Jeff left after a nice visit and we sent the kids off to bed. Jim and I settled in the family room and the laptop was on the coffee table calling my name, but I resisted. I wasn't quite ready for bed so I wanted to accomplish something else on my mental to-do list (I still haven't written my master to-do list down yet). I have photos in our kitchen of the kids eating. Yeah, it's pretty cute. Problem is the photos are about three years old. Last year I picked out new photos and uploaded them to Walmart.com and went and picked them up at the store but I must have converted to grayscale instead of black and white because they turned out blue and then when I tried it again and had Jim pick them up the same thing happened and then I just gave up.

So a week ago I tried again and made sure I converted to black and white. I also paid the extra couple of bucks to have them delivered to the house instead of having to waste time going to Walmart (which I never go to - it's all about ROI people). So last night I pulled down the frames, put in the new photos, cleaned them and hung them back up. I'm so happy I got this done. This would have been one of those things that would have been nagging at me to get done and I would have been disappointed in myself each day that went by with the old photos still up. And then on Dec. 23 I would be up until 2 a.m. doing it in preparation of our family Christmas party and been miserable and tired. Baby steps.

I've also made it a point to get up before 8 a.m. this weekend. Usually I let the allure of sleeping in take over on the weekends. This morning I got up and watched the kids as they opened their advent calendar (a new tradition this year that I'm loving), I made myself breakfast and enjoyed the view outside.

I sat down on the couch after eating and saw my trusty laptop on the table again. It was 8:15 a.m. and I needed a plan. I like going to 9 a.m. Mass on Sunday because it seems like you have the rest of the day wide open. But Jim was still sleeping and I didn't want the stress of trying to get everyone ready in 35 minutes. So I let go of the idea of 9 a.m. Mass - see these are the things that stress me out. Usually I'd sit on the couch for 15 minutes trying to decide if we should go to 9 a.m. Mass or not and then doubt my decision when I finally reached one.

So now that I knew I wasn't going to early mass I had a decision to make. I could go back to bed, watch tv, play on the computer, play with the kids or cross something off my to-do list. I decided to tackle the laundry because it was the thing that was stressing me out the most. I folder four loads of laundry and started another. I also separated the clothes that still need to be washed and straightened the laundry room. It took about 45 minutes. I took a break in the middle to watch the kids play Mario Kart.

I headed back upstairs, made the kids breakfast and sat back on the couch. What next? Well, I hadn't blogged on Friday and it felt like something I'd enjoy doing at the moment so I did decide to open the laptop and write this post.

I've been thinking about my blog lately. Do I still benefit from writing? Do others benefit from reading? The answer to both is yes for right now (Jim tells me he likes to read it at least) so I'm going to keep doing it. However, I'm going to write when it feels right. Not necessarily every weekday like I have been doing. In keeping with my low stress, priority-focus, time management goals, that is what I need to do to keep a good balance.

So now it's 10 a.m. and I need to figure out if we're going to 11 a.m. or 5 p.m. Mass ;) Decisions, decisions.
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