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Weigh In and Catching Up

Weigh-in Day
Previous weight - 193.6
Current weight - 195
Difference - gain 1.4 pounds

Total weight lost -50 

This was my first gain since September. I tried not to be hard on myself and just accept responsibility for the poor choices I made last week. I was really excited when last Friday rolled around and I had a clean slate but it didn't last long. I did not do that great this past weekend and it was totally because of poor planning on my part. On Sunday, Gracie and I went to see The Nutcracker (again) with some friends and I should have planned my eating for the day. Instead we ate McDonalds in the car and then met our friends at Starbucks. I got Gracie a hot chocolate and blueberry muffin which she didn't end up liking so I ate them. Yesterday when I finally got around to entering my points I found out that Starbucks treat was 15 points. Ugh - I was just mindlessly eating it. Even after two years I'm still learning everyday. I KNOW that I have to be aware of every bite I put in my mouth.

Yesterday was a good eating day and today as well. I've been trying to incorporate more fruits in like I mentioned last week. I picked these up while I was Christmas shopping at Target on Saturday night.

I've never had cuties before. They're yummy and quick. We've been eating bananas like they're going out of style and I've also been eating more apples and surprisingly I found some really flavorful grapes that I can't get enough of. I need to start working on the veggies now that I've successfully added more fruit to my diet.

I'm just going to jump around with this post. I hope that's ok.

So this morning Gracie came in our room and said she didn't feel well. I thought she was just trying to snag a spot in our bed but it was pretty clear that she wasn't feeling well. So, I'm staying home with her today and taking care of her. I'm searching for everything that is Nutcracker related on our Uverse. Right now we're watching The Wonderpets Save the Nutcracker and earlier it was Angelina Ballerina Nutcracker. She seems to be perking up.

Right after the boys left for school Gracie requested Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams movie. I had big plans in my head for what I would do with a day home from work and then I promptly feel asleep on the couch. That movie always puts me to sleep.

So I got a slow start to my day but I've already got caught up on laundry. My goals today are pretty simple - clean my bedroom and bathroom and wrap as many presents as I can before I want to pull my hair out.

My priority/organization goals are going really well. The house is still clean. I've had a ton of one-on-one time with Gracie lately (I'm missing my Jacob though). I've been using a sticky note app on my phone that my cousin Kelly told me about. It's so simple but it's helped so much. I didn't realize how much crap just swirls around in my head. Whenever I think of something else I need to do, I grab my phone and add it to a sticky note. I found a more advanced to-do app for my phone yesterday that I'm trying out - Remember the Milk. It's been good so far.

I need to thank blogger Those Last 75 Pounds for award she gave me yesterday.

She was so sweet and wrote what she likes about my blog. Here's what she said:

"Stephanie @ I'm My Favorite - because she's honest, she posts pictures, and one day in particular, she got me off my butt. And she makes me want to try Zumba. Bad."

Thanks Michelle - you made my day.

So here are some more random photos.

You guys know that I love me some Goodwill. I found this McDonalds Mayor McCheese glass at my local Goodwill. I LOVE IT. It's off limits to everyone in my family. It's "mommy's cup." And this Kroger Light Fruit Punch has been a huge hit in our house lately as well. (Now Stacey, I thought of you when I snapped this photo and looked at the ingredients and of course I couldn't pronounce any of them so I knew I would disappoint you :) But I have to tell you there is a little spark deep down in me that is trying to build the strength needed to give up the poisonous drinks I have in my life. I've done so well with other areas of my diet, but the Diet Dr. Pepper is going to be a hard one to tackle. I start having panic attacks when I think about it.)

Moving on. So I went to Trader Joe's last night after work as planned. I didn't get too much but I did pick up two more boxes of these tasty treats.

These are 1 WW point each and I seem to be able to control myself around these cookies.

On the other hand my control around these cookies is non-existent.
Oh my gosh you guys these little cookies are so good. This is why I don't keep sweets in my house. They are just too easy to keep popping in your mouth. Now, I bought them again last night because 1.) Jacob really, really likes them and 2.) I will conquer control over them. They've been in my house for about 17 hours and they are still unopened - VICTORY. I'll keep you posted on how I do with them :)

I think I mentioned my weekend was crazy busy. I don't feel like I sat down for a second at all. Friday night was ballet and karate and I went to a Zumba friend's house for a Premier Design jewelry party she booked off mine. (I still love, love, love the jewelry).

Saturday morning was Breakfast with Santa at the YMCA

Gracie asked for a puppy and Jacob asked for a Zebra. Hmm.

I headed to Zumba at 9:45 while Jim stayed with the kids and apparently did karaoke.

Then I headed home for a quick shower and then we headed to my favorite McAlister's for a belated birthday lunch for my Mom. Man, I love McAlister's - I had it three days in a row last week.

Then we went home and I took a quick nap (morning Zumba always makes me tired). The kids had friends over for a sleepover. I headed out around 7 p.m. to tackle some Christmas shopping. I went to ToysRUs, Borders, Five Guys and Target. I ended up closing Target down at 11 p.m. and one of the employees followed me to my car to take my cart from me - I think he was anxious to go home.

Sunday morning I got up with the kids and ran to the local donut place to get them "sleepover donuts." Then Gracie and I were on our way in the snow to our second viewing of The Nutcracker with some friends.

Gracie and her friend Grace showing off the autographs they got after the ballet.

When we got home I remembered I'd promised Jacob mashed potatoes this weekend so I peeled 5 pounds of red potatoes and started boiling them. He appreciated it.

I don't remember what happened after dinner. I probably went to bed.

So that pretty much sums up what I've been up to. How have all of you been?
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