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Pants on the Ground

Yesterday morning I went downstairs to the laundry room to grab something to wear to work. I picked up the first pair of black pants that were folded on the table and headed upstairs. When I got dressed I realized I had grabbed a pair of pants that I haven't worn in awhile. They were Lane Bryant size 22. They haven't fit for a long time, but I've continued to wear them with a belt just because they're there.

I put them on and cinched up the belt as far as it would go. I thought for a second about going back downstairs for another pair that fit better but was in a hurry so I just went on my way. When I saw my reflection in the restroom mirror at work I realized I should have changed. The pants just looked silly on me. They were way too long because they were falling down, they were much to wide and the extra material that was flowing over around my belt was visible under my sweater.

It's time for new pants.

I went to Goodwill during lunch but didn't have any luck. I was able to button a few size 16 pants though. That's very exciting for me! I did get a quick shot while I was in the dressing room with the size 22s I was wearing.

When I got home last night and was changing for Zumba I wondered just how big the pants were. I took off my belt and sure enough I was able to take off the pants without unbuttoning them. Ha!

Update on my getting my stuff together goals - I need a name for this new initiative since I'd like to continue to write about it ... Something I've been meaning to do for the past several months has been to make reading flashcards for Gracie. She's a little behind with sight words in kindergarten and I knew she should be getting extra help from us at home. It was one of those things that I would think about at home but my note cards were at the office and then when I get to the office I'd forget about it.

I have a new app on my phone that my cousin Kelly told me about - it's just a sticky note app, but I've been trying to jot down notes like this that I end up forgetting about when I'm at the "other" location. So I made the flashcards up yesterday and Gracie was so excited when I brought them home. She did very well with them and was able to sound out most of the sight words on her own. She wanted to keep going over and over them. I felt guilty for not having done this sooner, but I'm trying to look forward. She took the flashcards to bed with her last night and this morning when she woke up she brought them to the kitchen table. She's so eager to learn to read like her big brother.

This is what my priorities should be. Such an easy thing to do to help her in such a big way.

I also made it a point to do an AR (Accelerated Reader) test with Jacob when I got home from Zumba. Last year, in first grade, these computer tests were part of their homework but this year they're not required but encouraged. Again, it's just one of those things that I have good intentions of doing but always seem to remember after Jacob has gone to bed. He had just finished a library book that Jim had picked up the other day so we looked it up on AR and they had it in the database so Jacob took the reading quiz and scored 10 out of 10. He really enjoys taking these test and it's such a quick thing he can do. He reads so much that he could do these test every day practically.

So, there are a couple of things I can mark off my list and more stress lifted. I'm going to keep picking away at that list and adding new things to it.

Gracie's Christmas program is tonight. It should be stinking adorable. Have a great night everyone.
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